Rid the Toxins...Detox Your Kid's Lunchbox
Since it's Back-To-School season, it's a perfect time to prepare your kids' lunchbox for a toxin-free school year! To help you with that, we have a special eBook for you... "The Detox Your Kid's Lunchbox!"
What You'll Learn Inside...
  • Ditch the Plastic, PVC, Aluminum & more from your kid's lunchbox containers so that your kid's food doesn't come in direct contact with everyday toxins
  • Pack lunches in a healthy and fun way that encourage your kids to eat healthier so that they are excited to "show off" their delicious and colorful food at school and become advocates for healthy eating
  • Make it easy for your kids to stay hydrated by making water-drinking a fun and colorful activity so that their minds remain alert and engaged in school learning
  • Pack your kid's lunches with love that doesn't go unnoticed so that deep and long-lasting memories  are created in your children's minds!
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